The immediate past Sports minister Barrister Solomon Dalung was in Nnewi of Anambra State, Nigeria yesterday Saturday 30th November 2019 to deliver a lecture on CORRUPTION IN NIGERIAN SPORTS, EFFECTS AND REMEDY.

The organizers see his presence as a blessing and described him as a man of his words in that despite all odds he made a long journey through to keep to his words to the organizers.

Appreciating Minister Dalung on the great occasion, the organizers said.

” A million thanks goes to the most successful Minister of youth and Sports Development of the Federal republic of Nigeria, the man who took Nigeria’s medal tally from 200+ to 1000 in his era.

Among other accolades the organizer Thanos said that Dalung restored back the para teams and under his regime the qualified for every single tournament across all sports federations. He described Dalung as a man of impeccable integrity. This indeed is worthy of note as Dalung has long been seen as a man of the people; one who believes in the truth and justice for all humanity.

The organizer said that Dalung has only proved himself as a man of integrity by overcoming all obstacles and taking a direct flight from Dubai to Abuja and then Asaba and Nnewi just to keep to his words and to fulfil the promise he made.

Above all he said that honourable Dalung has thought him that a man who can’t keep to his words is not worth living and wishes he could repay Dalung for such a great gesture and confidence in him.

During the lecture Dalung had delved into the main issues and causes if corruption in the sector of which he also highlighted remedies.

Watch out for full publication of Dalung’s public lecture at THANO’S Event in our next publication.

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