Rejoice with those rejoicing and mourn with those mourning says the Holy Scriptures.

My heart is with victims of the ill fated Ethiopian aircraft which crashed and killed over 149 people including a Nigerian intellectual. This unfortunate development has robbed humanity of crop of great minds whose contributions to development cannot be replaced easily. May God comfort the families and the love ones of victims of this human catastrophe, amen.

So devastating also is the terrorist attack on Muslims worshipers in Christchurch, New Zealand on Friday by callous extremist who dealt a devastating blow on humanity. Over fifty precious lives wasted and another fifty critically wounded. I condemned this evil act in all ramifications. To profile humanity based on separatist stereotypes and primitive sentiments is to say the least satanic. Unfortunately, this wicked trend is endorsed of some gullible political and spiritual leaders through reckless and unguided utterances. We cannot mislead younger generations by promoting separatists and isolationists ideology at the expense of individual political ambitions.

It’s unfortunate that these terrorists attacks take different forms everywhere in the world. Such attacks here are common in different dimensions, whether of ethnic chauvinism, religious bigotry, regional separatists, race supremacy or whatever dimensions, it is unacceptable and condemnable. My heart bleeds whenever innocent human lives are wasted in avoidable circumstances yet those responsible usually display nonchalant attitude instead of compassion. We must raise our voices against targeted attacks gradually gaining evil ground in designated high places. We cannot be cajoled, injustice anywhere is a threat to just everywhere.

As a Christian realist, my sympathy resides with victims of extremism every where in the world, be it xenophobia, white or black extremists, religious bigotry, ethnic chauvinism, hate speech, regional extremism and all forms of discrimination. My religion enjoys me to love unconditionally especially my enemies therefore I am only obeying my Creator but if it offends your sentiments please fine a place in your heart to forgive me.

I love the Muslims and other none Christians, it is an obligation that offer no alternative to genuine believers in Almighty God. Therefore, let us live in peace with all men, says the Bible.
Peace be upon you all.

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