Barrister Solomon Dalung: Honorable Minister of Youths and Sports Development

By Magnus Oku

The identifiable massive reforms in the Youths and sports Sector credited to the efforts of Minister Solomon Dalung is compelling enough for his Critics to hide their face in Shame.

In the year 2015 Dalung was appointed Minister of youths and Sports Development; an act which Barrister Dalung considered as Gods election to enable him serve his nation in a greater capacity. Many raised eyebrows; some social critics who perhaps thought it should have been their close ally, Boss or friend. Some media touts even hiding behind the covers of Popular media platform, made blind conclusions without knowing Dalungs strategic plan. But this critics have been proven wrong over and over again. It is important for a media writer to get his onions right in order not to make baseless conclusions.

Dalungs performance is a big slap and disappoint on critics who often see only the negative in a progressive move. Misguided Writers like Omorodion and Emmanuel Ugwu Who magnified little challenges but fail to celebrate the great feats and reforms of all times should be hiding their face in shame as Dalungs reforms and dexterity, completely counters their perceptions and baseless conclusions.

In fact Critics whished in their evil heart that such reforms never took place to enable them score a pass mark in blind criticism. I insist that if the likes of Omorodion and Emmanuel Ugwu Where truly constructive in their and criticism and did such in the interest of Nigeria, by now they should by also in good spirits celebrate the great reforms of youth and Sports Ministry Under Dalung. And in fact apologize for their misguided comments. However, it is in the mentality of most Africans never to accept their mistakes and take precautions. Omorodion and Emmanuel Ugwu are obviously in such category.

I have watched with joy and delight to the testimony of Nigerians on the Reforms of sports under Dalung. Nigerians on the streets and lovers of sports are today celebrating a better reform:

The democratization of Sports federation and giving a level playing ground for all.

The development of grassroots spots in schools.

Reformation of the NYCN; quenching the Crises therein and the factional problem of decades.

Qualification of Nigeria for FIFA 2018 worldcup without a presidential working committee and saved the nation from waste of funds.

The big boom in athletics as Nigeria excelled at the Olympics

The recent National Youth Games brought about discovery of great talents.

Resuscitation of National sports Festival and hosting its first after a 6 years break. (A feat achieved without a budget but with wise application of Minimal funds).

The breakthrough in Basketball as the Tigress claimed from the rank of 34th in the world to 8th position at the women basketball world Championship.

Empowerment of over 20,000 youths in different skills across the Nation ; as captured by the youth empowerment department ( an Amazing feat even with the minimal funds made available for youth development).

Dalung is the first minister of Sports to insist on payment of match bonus on the competition ground to avoid stories by federations involved. In fact to many it has not been dirty business as usual and hence venom of the defaulters who engage misguided writers.

We could go on and on with his long list of achievements in sports and youth development.

Minister Dalung has proven to all to be a Prudent minister via his administrative and managerial capabilities. He deserves those accolades conferred on him by the various Nigerians and groups. This accounts for why various groups like: Rebuild Nigeria initiative, Face of Independence Nigeria, One Nigeria youths, Youth Collation of Nigeria, SSRM and the likes of the youth groups refer to his administration as one “giving Hope to our sports and the youths in Nigeria. ( a stand on truth and reality).

Last year among several other awards, Dalung won INDEPENDENCE HERO’S AWARD in recognition of his efforts in the Democratization of the Sports sector in Nigeria and the reformation of the National youth council of Nigeria. No critic was ever correct in their vain perceptions; and as earlier said, such persons should learn not to attack just anything without thorough investigation, as it does not correlate to positive values.

The realities of Dalung’s leadership is far from the wrong perceptions of those critics. It is a prove to us that he came in with great positive energy, fueled with passion to bring about a transformation. Dalung’s ideals teaches us how to rather appreciate a person of passion and purpose, and pray for his success, to the overall profit of Nigerian youths.

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